The Apparition Site

My Mom and I decided to get out of the house one day a take a ride where ever the roads would take us. It was a beautiful day and we didn’t have much to do. We were driving for about an hour when we came across The Farm. It’s in Conyers, GA. The Farm is where the Blessed Mother appeared on the 13th of the month from 1991 – 1998. On October 13th 1998, 100,000 pilgrims joined Mother of God in prayer at the apparition site for her final apparition in Conyers. People from all over came to honor Our Loving Mother. It was live on TV, worldwide, satellite broadcast as the apparition was taking place. I remember watching it. I never know where this was and I was so thankful we came across it. My Mom said that she had come there with my brother and always wanted to come back. It was a very peaceful feeling being there even though nothing was going on. It is open to the public everyday and at 12 noon on the 13th of every month the Rosary is said. I do plan on going. There is so much to see. If you would like you can walk the Stations of the Cross outside, go into The Mother of God Catholic Church Sanctuary, or walk to the Blessed Well and Water area. I have posted a map of everything you can see while you visit. The little church is very peaceful and inviting with beautiful Holy pictures hung and pews to pray at.  if you think you would like to go I think you would love it and also feel Spirituality connected to God.


Pilgrims who gathered at the Shrine Of Our Loving Mother during one of many apparitions.
Pilgrims who gathered at the Shrine Of Our Loving Mother during one of many apparitions.
This is a map of The Farm. You can see there is much to visit.
This is a map of The Farm. You can see there are many things to see.


This is my Mom. We had a great day and a wonderful visit. I hope that someday you can visit this Blessed place. The website is
This is my Mom. We had a great day and a wonderful visit. I hope that someday you can visit this Blessed place. The website is


Blossoms and Birdcages

This beautiful weather just makes me want to decorate outside. I have 3 wonderful porches and I could sit on them all day. My yard has many trees and our house sits back off the road. It is so peaceful and relaxing. When I have done all my chores, I’m outside enjoying my yard. I just had to show you my front porch because I am so proud of it. Every year I decorate it different. This year I have decided to go with a bird and birdcage theme. I have collected bird-cages for a while. I have many inside and many in the yard that I have brought to the front porch. Right now I am sitting on the front porch writing this post and there is a peaceful rain coming down. The little breeze makes it such a pleasure to enjoy a nice hot cup of Coconut coffee from Dunkin Donuts. That is a must to start my day. Let me begin by showing my car loaded with plants I bought at our local discount nursery called Growers Outlet here in Loganville, Ga. I have been shopping there for years and the quality of all there plants and shrubs are wonderful and the prices are great. They have almost everything you would want for your yard. I recommend  going on a week day because it is so crowded on weekends. Their hours are 8 to 5 and they also have a Facebook page. Check it out and you’ll see all the beautiful plants they have.

Here is my purchase this time around. Plants and Flowers make me smile.

Growers Outlet Purchase

Aren’t they wonderful? You really need to visit this place.

Front Porch



Every year I bring my cute sofa out on the porch.  Porches are a wonderful living space. It is so cozy and inviting.

front porch

front porch 3

front porch 4

front porch 2

front portch 5Oh, you can’t forget the rocker. Come visit and we can have a glass of wine. Always take some time to relax. It helps to have a wonderful view too.

Know Your Paintbrushes

Only An Artist Would Think Of This


I know it’s silly but can you imagine the  stories PAINTBRUSHES could tell.  Some have been in the hands of a child or in a famous Artists studio. They may have changed colors two or more times in just one painting. They could have painted a wall, a tree or some kind of animal. It’s like anything else I guess. It has a life! There are so many type, styles, and companies that make them. I am an artist and I paint with acrylic paints. I have hundreds of brushes. Some I like better than others but they all have their own job to do.

  I have gotten my brushes from many places. I love coupons as we all do. Michael’s, Jo Ann’s, Hobby Lobby, and Jerrys Artarama are just a few places I have shopped.  They always have great coupons and sales. You can get them in the paper, from an App on you phone and print some out from your computer. I love when Michael’s have the coupons for 20% off Entire Purchase. I buy more than paintbrushes at these stores. I love all the craft, sewing, and art supplies. Some of the stores have home decor and seasonal things too. I’m in a world of my own when shopping at any of these great stores. As far as Jerrys Artarama I have only ordered from. Take a look at their website.

       I just wanted to mention some of the brushes I have used. There are so many companies and style of brushes. Artist’s Loft has a package of fundamental Synthetic Brushes. I have used then  and they are very inexpensive. It’s a great brush when you are getting started. They also sell  brushes individually . Liquitex is another brand. Their prices are very good. Winsor & Newton are wonderful and a bit higher end. The prices range differently with all. I love the brushes with the soft grip on them. They are very comfortable and just makes your fingers more relaxed. Those are a few of the kinds I have used. There are so many companies out there  so you just have to find your favorite.

Each brush also has a job of its own to do. The brushes are shaped differently for different techniques. I found that I make up my own techniques with my brushes and I’m sure all artists do. You can use anything you want with your creative mind to get the effect you want for your piece of  art.  I want to show you the styles of the brushes and their uses.

Shapes and Sizes  Shapes and Sizes


 Uses for the shape of the brushes.   I paint with Acrylic paints and I have to buy the brushes for that type of paint. What’s the difference??? It is the texture. Acrylic Brushes have a smoother texture. The bristles of the oil paintbrushes are rougher. The brushes for Acrylic are made of sable, synthetic or nylon. The brushes for Oil paints are usually made of animal hair like hog.

 Love the colors. Grab a brush and some paint and be CREATIVE!


Me and Purple

I don’t know when I started loving purple but it has been for quite a while now. I know it has to be over 30 years.


010It seems when I go to buy flowers they are most likely to be purple. So before I go any further I will show you parts of my yard and my flowers.

007                               I know you can guess this wonderful fragrant flower.


343                            Another shade of Purple before you go to the front porch.


009                                                My window boxes with a splash of yellow.


002                      It wouldn’t be the south without that beautiful Wisteria.

                                       This is my side yard.

001 More Wisteria on my back deck. I need to get a better picture so I can show the whole thing. It is so inviting.


  I don’t know about you but I love to be outside. I love to play in the dirt and rearrange my planters and yard art from year to year. I’ve been living in this house for about 22 years, I think. Every year my yard looks different. Although I  normally have purple flowers there is always a splash of different colors. Most of my rose bushes are pink and my azaleas are pink or white. I also like a lot of green around. One of my favorite creeping vines is the potato vines. I just love that they grow fast and are so pretty. The deer and bunnies love them also. You will have to spray them along with the other yummy plants they love to eat.

    I like to put planters among my shrubs and plants to give it a different look and height along with a different texture. Some of the things I have among my flowers are china plates, wine bottles, bird cages, a sink and tube, bird houses, and figurines. I don’t think it looks silly I think it looks interesting and inviting. There is always a surprise around the next flower or tree. You never know what you will find. Another thing I like to have in a garden are pathways that lead to a birdbath, or a gate to nowhere or maybe a headboard with a vine of flowers wrapped around it. Can you tell I want the feeling of home on the outside as I do on the inside? On summer nights I love to have a glass of wine and take a stroll threw my yard and enjoy the beauty of what God helped me do.





This is my family room and one of my favorites in my house. We’ve been in this house for around 20 years. I can’t tell you how many times I have changed the color of the walls. I don’t know if I am the type that gets tired of the look or it’s the creative spirit I have. I also change the  furniture around probably every couple months. It is such a refreshing feeling and is also a way I can really get everything clean. It’s funny when my friends come by they always say…You changed it around again!!!!! If I buy something when I go thrifting, to garage sale or even to a  Antique Shop it’s a known fact that whatever room the item is going in the room will be changed around. Even if I just buy a candy dish. YEP! My mantel and the shelves are always fun to redo. I love white and creams as you can see. Maybe it’s not the best when you have 5 dogs. Along with the creams and white I love to mix some rust and bling in the room. Old, New, Shiny, Rusty, Soft, Rough, Lace and Burlap…….. I love how it all looks together.  Great smelling candles always makes a room cozy. I also got a diffuser from my daughter as a gift and with all the great smelling oils now make my whole house smell great and I don’t have to worry about the candles getting knocked over by the dogs. If you can see in the pictures I wanted my walls to look like they are old. I painted them an off white and then mixed 3 shade darker with a glaze. I painted the wall with the off white and let it dry. I mixed the other paint with the glaze according to direction. I then started from the top in 3ft sections painting the glaze on and taking a cloth and wiping on a circular motion. You have to get up and down from the ladder to see if you have it even and enough on the wall. You really can’t mess up if you want it to look old world. I love the look. I should mention that I like to use a satin or the egg shell finish. I did the same thing in my master bathroom but I didn’t do it as dark with the glaze. I never worry about painting walls because you can just repaint it.


IMG_0024    Maggie just wanted to say hi.

Changing the Look

.   Love, Love the fact you can take something that someone doesn’t want and change the look. My daughter and her husband moved into their first home this month. Like all newly weds there are so many things you need and want. They were looking for a large sturdy coffee table that had cubbies to hold magazines, etc. We had know idea that we would come across the perfect size and look they wanted in the Goodwill store. The only thing was it needed some TLC. We couldn’t pass it up. $35.00 was a steal for the size and the look. I love a bargain and I love to bring my own special touches to give it a new life. So I got my supplies ready which were Klean Strip Stripper, Mineral Spirits and Stain along with brushes, rags and gloves.

Here is our find:


When I got it home my first thing was to sand the top. The old varnish was a mess. The sanding was taking to long so I decided to just strip the top. I use ( Klean Strip Stripper.) To clean the Stripper off the table I used Mineral Spirits. The rest I just sanded lightly just to have the primer stick better.


It was so easy to take that old varnish off. My next move was to wipe it all down and start with the primer. The worst part with a piece that has cubbies, you have to paint way inside those nooks.


Next I painted with a Satin white paint. The reason I used Satin was because I new that the table would be put to good use and I wanted to make the table last through all the things being pushed and plopped on it. So I gave it two coats and let it dry good.

Next I sanded the edges to give it a slight distressed look before I applied the stain.



I painted the stain on with a brush and let it sit for a bit and then took a rag and just wiped it off. You can add more and repeat depending how dark you want. This has to dry for a couple of days. Then you can take a clean cloth and wipe the table again because its a bit sticky. Make sure your rag isn’t one that leaves lint.


Here is the finished beautiful table in its new home.



Oh, and how could I forget to introduce you to my Grand Pup Stone.

painting a pet portrait

Pet Portraits is my business. I love animals. I love to paint. Making people smile, cry, and surprised to see their pet portrait makes me happy. When I get an order I ask for a few things. I need a picture of the pet of course. I need to know the size of the canvas they want me to paint the portrait and the color of the background. Some people like the name of the pet on the canvas. It is always good to send a couple of pictures not only to see the pets colors and the way the hair/fur is but also the personality. To me when I am painting I like to look at the eyes of the pet or animal. That is so important to me because I feel every animal has a personality. I love to bring that out in my paintings. It depends on how busy I am or the time of year it is to give you a time on the finish portrait.176 IMG_0063 001 (3) 001 (12) 095 (2) I normally I try to get it done with in 2 to 3 weeks. Christmas is as you know a busy time of year so it helps if I get my orders at least by October. I do have customers from different states and I had a few go to Europe. The important thing in my painting is that I have a passion for animals. I love dogs but I love all furry things. Here are some of my commission work. Enjoy


To tell you the truth, my life is really built around my dogs. I have five and would love another. I love collecting things, even dogs. In this post you are going to meet my favorite 5.  I want to introduce them to you because you will see them pop up throughout my blog.

This first cutie is Zoe. She is my true love besides my husband. She is also the mother of my other Shih Tzus. Zoe had two litters. She is my little shadow. Zoe wants to be near me all the time.



Hogan is my little man. He has the cutest personality. He loves to sit on a chair at the table when we eat. Sometimes you will even see one of his paws on the table just so you notice him. Did I mention what a gentleman he is to his mom and sisters? If I’m giving them fresh water, Hogan will wait until they are done before he takes his turn.




Maggie is our little Princess with a loner attitude. She loves to lay in the bed all day. If she could, she would have you rub her belly forever. Unlike the others, Maggie is a beach girl. She is the one who rides the waves at the beach despite being the smallest.




The youngest of the Shih Tzus is our baby Lily. My husband started calling her Scooter and that’s what she goes by now.  Scooter is the most playful, maybe because she is the baby. Whenever we have company, she is the one everyone falls in love with. They all want to take her home.


FullSizeRender (4)


Last is our Mr. Big, Dominic. He is a 160 pound Great Dane. We love him and he is very good with the little ones. They boss him but he loves them even though they can get on his nerves. I think he irritates the UPS and FedEx; they are afraid to get out of the truck. My husband Wes works out of the house so he gets packages from time to time.

Funny things happen when you have a Dane. Like broken wine glasses. In the summer, we love to sit outside by the fire pit with friends and, of course, some wine. I can’t tell you how many times the stem of the wine glass was cut off by Dominic’s tail. Needless to say, we use stemless ones now. He also likes to sit on your lap but that is one of the traits of a Dane.


FullSizeRender (1)


I have to say my dogs are my world and I love how they are always happy to see me.














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